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Yes, I’m alive, and I’m breaking my 7-month (7 months?!) streak of no blogging tonight. I just decided to write after I saw somebody  had liked my Facebook page tonight, even with the lack of posting. Whoever you are, thank you for inadvertently spurring me to post.

Where have I been? Well, from the Summer till now, I’ve been reading for Uni, applying for work experience (expect a blog post with advice on that – it took me 4 attempts this year to gain some work experience, which I just finished at the start of this month), starting to learn to drive, attending Uni classes, being a Student Representative for my course, working on my confidence by joining kickboxing classes, and just generally going about life. It’s the last week of the semester at my University this week, so I guess now is a good time to post.

I think part of the problem I’ve been having with blogging (and even interacting with other blogs/ bloggers by commenting) is that I tend to overthink: is what I’m writing any good? Does it contribute anything? Then I think, ‘Nope, it doesn’t, leave it for now and come back later when you’re not so busy/ you have something worth saying.’ I guess it is both helpful and unhelpful to think  that way, so I’m just pushing through by writing this. Maybe in the future I’ll write more spontaneously.

That’s all I have to say for now, but if you’ve read this, thank you!



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A Gothic Fiction Playlist

A blog post I wrote for Spectral Visions. Hopefully, it could be used to inspire students t(or anybody) to read or compose Gothic fiction!

Spectral Visions

Jessica Cartner is a first year BA English student at the University of Sunderland. Her interests in the Gothic are monstrous and the humane, Romantic Gothic and Victorian Gothic.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jessica. The blog admin recently inspired me to create a Gothic fiction playlist, and they provided me with this opportunity to share it with you. The pieces are not ranked, though I tried to arrange their order to make your listening a little more interesting:

Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

Perhaps a little predictable, but this 1979 number one hit was inspired by Emily Brontë’s Gothic novel of the same name. Bush’s vocals are innocent yet ghostly, and as you sing along, you may just feel like wandering around the Yorkshire moors…

Fade to Grey – Visage

With those budding synthesisers, ethereal French and English vocals, and hypnotic rhythm, this song will haunt you for many…

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